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Roger Gibbons and Heather Hamilton

Roger and Heather have spent many years in dedicated study of dancing.  Between them they have experience in 15 formal dance styles and have studied with world class instructors from across the globe.  Heather has competed in various dance styles all over the USA and Canada.

Roger and Heather teach with the Dance Devotion style.  A fun approach, which does not forget the basics but remembers that the most important thing for most dancers is that they can have a good time and put their dancing to practical use. 


A bit about Dance Devotion

Dance Devotion was conceived in December 2008 to provide social ballroom dances in our local area of Norfolk.  We found it hard to find somewhere to regularly practice whilst avoiding sequence dancing and overly crowded floors.  We therefore set up our own dancing club in Norwich to provide a monthly dance which was a more sophisticated experience with no sequence dancing and lots of space on the floor.

Over the years our aims changed, and in 2011 whilst continuing our ballroom dances we expanded our range to include hosting social dances in Argentine Tango and Modern Jive.  These dances had the same principles of quality and space as the ballroom dances and seemed a logical progression.

2011 also saw us start a new venture in dance demonstrations.  We saw a market for dance demonstrations within small scale venues such as pubs or local shows and we now tour these in the summer months, bringing entertainment together with fun lessons.

For several years we had been asked if we would teach lessons so we then moved into teaching and offer reasonably priced private and group lessons with a fresh approach.  We believe dance is for everybody, even those who have yet to consider it.

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