The Dance Devotion corporate offering is in two parts:

  1. Promotional - corporate dance displays in Norwich and beyond at events and shows
  2. Internal - corporate dance lessons and team working events


If you run an event and want to draw in extra visitors then dance demonstrations are an excellent way of increasing footfall.  We have experience of providing demonstrations and fun lessons at local pubs and county shows, where our feature was used as a draw to attract people to the event.                     

For those companies who exhibit at trade shows or county shows, we have been part of an all day dance demonstration, keeping a constant supply of music and dance going to attract people to our customers stand.  This proves a highly effective way of not just increasing footfall to the stand but also to increase the time each visitor spends at the stand, and the likelyhood of them remembering the company and telling others.  Why not maximise your investmer in a trade stand and book us today?


Team Building

It is widely acknowledged that a team that works well together produces better results. Why not book an away day with a difference?  We can provide a local venue and instruction to help your staff relax and get to know eachother a little better.  Sessions can be booked for just a few hours or a full day and are both effective and cheaper than you would think.


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