Why Choose Us

We honestly believe that we offer the best service around.  Here is why:
1)  We teach lead and follow - not long sequences that are useless in a social environment.  This will make your dancing more flexible and fun.
2)  Our lessons last 1 hour not 45 minutes.  Many instructors only offer 45 minute lessons - ours last the full hour giving you more lesson time for your money
3)  We keep our overheads low so our prices stay low!  Many of our competitors spend lots of money on staff/ premesis and as such have to charge more for lessons.  We don't spend money on unnecessary overheads so you the customer get cheaper tuition.
4)  You will always be the only students in the room during a private lesson.  Many other dance schools have several private lessons going on at the same time, meaning you have to share the space and may have to dance to the wrong music.  We also ensure that the people coming in for the next lesson wait outside until your lesson is complete, giving you confidence that you are not being watched.
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