Dance Shoes

Dance shoe Diamant

We now sell dance shoes!

Whilst dance shoes in themselves will not make you an expert - they will certainly help!  Dance shoes are different from normal shoes, they are lighter and designed to promote the correct movement.  They also have suede soles, which allow for the perfect level of grip on the floor.

We sell shoes from top brands such as Diamant and Werner Kern, as well as offering a budget range for those just starting out.

Our main range, from Diamant are top quality, have some fantastic designs and are reasonably priced.  Ladies shoes are charged at just £55, with mens shoes charged at £62.

We keep a number of ranges in stock, although can obtain anything from either Diamant or Werner Kern on request.

We are in the process of setting up a seperate website for our range of dance shoes but in the menatine, pleae feel free to contact us for details or se us at one of our classes.

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