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In this section you can book events online, including vouchers and special event dances.


Name Date Description Price Book
Starter package 31/12/2020 Two private lessons to get you started, followed by entry for two to two further group classes. £80
Super Starter Package 31/12/2020 Four private lessons followed by four group classes for two people £168
Voucher for Private Lessons - four hours 31/12/2019 This is a gift voucher for private lessons in our studio in Norwich. This voucher gives four hours of private tuition which can be booked any day/ evening/ weekend subject to availability. When purchasing please give your postal address and we will post your voucher to you. £120
Voucher for Group Class 31/12/2019 This voucher is for entry for two people (one couple) to five group classes. We run several group classes each week and cater for for all levels. The particular class can be booked by the recipient and does not need to be arranged now. £60
Voucher for five private lessons 31/12/2019 Voucher for five private lessons £150.00